Hopetoun is a fantastic waterfront holiday destination. Holiday makers return each year to enjoy the relaxed pace of Hopetoun, the pristine beaches, the picturesque scenery, the abundance of water activities and of course the easy access to the Fitzgerald River National Park. Great accommodation, cafes, shops and town facilities are just a stroll to Hopetoun’s endless unspoiled beaches and the ‘Hopey Groyne’. The groyne is the present breakwater which replaced the old jetty, here holiday makers and locals alike launch their boats or fish off of the jetty and rocks while children play on the pontoon in the bay, paddle boarders’ cruise the coastline, and kite surfers enjoy the break.

East of Hopetoun, the beaches are remarkably accessible by gravel roads. The Southern Ocean Road skirts the shoreline and has several coastal lookouts and access points to beaches, many of which have long limestone shelves and quiet pools for fishing and swimming.

It continues to beautiful Mason Point and Mason Bay with its beachfront campsite, then to Starvation Boat Harbour. It has a fine headland, campsites and sheltered boat launching. Continuing east along Springdale Road past Lake Shaster is access to the beautiful Munglinup Beach with headlands, a reef, campsites and the Oldfield River Estuary.

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