Ravensthorpe was gazetted in 1901. Some of the historical buildings include “Dance Cottage” circa 1901, which is the oldest original house in Ravensthorpe and home to a range of artefacts and memorabilia and is part of the Ravensthorpe Museum – a must to experience.


Ravensthorpe town is encircled by the Ravensthorpe Range amid stately Salmon Gums. The range has seemingly endless unspoiled bush and a diversity of plants, many unique to the range.

It is the centre of the Phillips River Goldfield and has a wealth of mining history. More than 90 gold and copper mines have operated at one time or another int he range since the 1890s. However, there is only minor gold activity now but great prospects in nickel, cobalt, spodumene, pegmatite silver and gold.

The rugged range stretches for about 45km from north of the town in an easterly and then southerly direction to Kundip. It has an abundance of plants, wildflowers, scenic spots and lookouts and, in parts, mining history. The circular range top drive is accessible by 4WD only. Lookouts at Mt Desmond on Ethel Daw Drive and Archer Drive are accessible by 2WD.

The Ravensthorpe area has an amazing variety of mineralised rock, either for the curious or the serious fossicker to explore. Please check before fossicking to avoid trespassing.

Gold, copper, silver, magnesite and nickel have been exported from the area together with smaller amounts of other minerals. Minerals from large-scale nickel and cobalt mines at Bandalup Hill.

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