Wildlife and walks

An abundance of birds of varying species, both rare and common and too many to mention, abound on the open sea shorelines, on and around the inlets, estuaries, swamps, river valleys, sand plains, mallee scrub, woodlands and open sky. Primarily, their habitat is where they find food and most places are easily accessible for bird watching by 2WD. Migrating whales can be easily seen during June to October from many vantage points along the coast.

Several footpaths are defined in the Fitzgerald River National Park along the beaches, at Sepulcralis Hill, No Tree Hill and East Mt Barren. Bush walks are available in unlimited numbers according to the likes and abilities of bushwalkers.

Everlasting memories of scenery, plants, wildflowers, wildlife, bush walks and history will come easily to the most amateur of photographers because the subjects are so beautiful and unpolluted.

Whale watching

Whale watching

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