Welcome to Fitzgerald Coast

 2017-18 Brochure

Take a 5-day scenic self-drive tour of this magical area!

The Fitzgerald Coast is an undiscovered wilderness where farming and agriculture meets the pristine coast with white sand that squeaks.

It is a gateway to the Fitzgerald River National Park one of the most botanically significant parks in Australia. Ancient mountain ranges, rocky hills, rugged river valleys, estuaries and large inlets provide the area with a wealth of natural beauty.

The Fitzgerlad Coast includes farming communities Ravensthorpe, Jerdacuttup and Munglinup , and the beach side town of Hopetoun.

The quiet little beach side town of Hopetoun really is for everyone, the recently updated foreshore is perfect for kids, you can go snorkelling, diving and kayaking at one of the secluded bays or just go strolling at one of the endless white sandy beaches.

Experience the history Ravensthorpe has to offer, or go 4WD  or trail bike riding on the famous Ravensthorpe Ranges surrounding the town while discovering a variety of Wildflowers significant to the area (especially in spring).


2 Comments on “Welcome to Fitzgerald Coast

  1. What time of year is the best time to visit?

    What local hotel can a couple/family have best accommodation for several nights and any specials?


    • The Fitzgerald Coast region is great to visit at any time of year. Summer sees the bustle of the Hopetoun Festival in January and long days at one of the many beaches. Autumn is when the weather starts to cool, the farms are preparing for seeding and is a great time to explore the Fitzgerald River National Park to climb Mount Barren, take one of the many walking trails, go 4WDing plus a host of other activities. Easter is usually a very busy time here with the Hopetoun Fishing Competition and a great chance for a family catch up. Winter usually has mild sunny days and the Southern Right whales start making their way in to the area from June to September/October. Canola fields start to carpet the undulating landscape in a blanket of yellow. Spring sees the area explode with wildflowers, the Ravensthorpe Wildflower Show is held for two weeks in September. Any time of year is a good time to explore the Fitzgerald Coast.
      Please have a look under ‘Accommodation’ to see a choice of services. Click on what appeals to you to go to their website (if available) and please ask the proprietors if there are any specials.